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Brooke Stepp United States

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About me

My name is obviously Brooke, the middle name is Lindsey..and the last name is unspoken. I don't live with my parents, i actually live with my boyfriend. His name happens to be Jimmy. I got friends, yeah...there names are unspoken sorry.


I sleep, eat, go to school, hang out with friends, and spend the night with the boyfriend.


Haa...the maine, senses fail, good charlotte, boyslikegirls, and Metro.

Movies and TV:

Uhhm, i try not to watch a lot of TV. But if i had to choose it would be...spongebob:P and if i had to chose a movie, it would definitely be titanic. sorry that im romantic:)


Haha, i play a total of 6 sports a year. Basketball, Varsity Soccer, track, and three more basketball teams. so that means i basically play 4 teams of basketball.


Hhhmm, i'm a photographer and a model at the moment. i love modeling to my honest attempt. i model for elite and barbizon. i do sell a little bit of my photography..mostly to websites.


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